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How to sleep well: The 6 keys

Sleep is something innate in human beings, it is a basic and necessary part of life and we know that it is very important. The National Sleep Foundation emphasizes the…

We are aware of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep

Sleep is something innate in human beings, it is a basic and necessary part of life and we know that it is very important, but today many of us wonder how to sleep well?

The National Sleep Foundation stresses the importance of getting enough sleep and recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep for an adult. Even if we sleep those hours, we must keep in mind that it is not only about sleeping, but also about resting.

We know that a good night’s sleep helps reduce stress and gives us the energy we need to face our day-to-day lives. That is why it is necessary to take into account some guidelines on how to sleep well in order to rest better.

The 5 keys to a good night’s sleep

1. Use the bed only for sleeping.

We should avoid other leisure activities such as watching TV or staying with the cell phone or even reading. It is better to perform these activities in other places in our home, such as the sofa.

2. Maintain a regular schedule.

Following a schedule for going to sleep and getting up is very beneficial. It should not be strict, but it should have an approximate time, for example, sleep between 10 and 11 o’clock and get up between 6 and 7 o’clock.
On weekends we must also be careful not to radically change our sleep schedule, although we can vary it with common sense.

3. Doing sports.

Sport brings many health benefits and one of them is the ease of getting a good night’s sleep. When we do sports we are more physically tired and stress is reduced. In this way our organism is calmer and we can rest better.

Watch out! It is not good to exercise shortly before going to sleep, because the result is just the opposite, since the hours after physical exercise our body continues to be active.

4. Sleeping in bed.

The bed is the place specifically designed for sleeping, so we should avoid sleeping on the sofa. In addition to adopting inappropriate postures, if we fall asleep on the sofa, we run the risk of waking up and finding it more difficult to fall asleep in bed.

5. Sleep in an appropriate environment.

We should try to sleep in a room without light, without noise and with a good mattress. We must avoid stimuli that make it difficult to sleep well, such as light and sound; but we must also sleep on a suitable place: a good mattress.

6. Sleep on a good mattress.

Choosing a good mattress is a good way to avoid health problems such as insomnia or back pain. Keeping it in optimal conditions and renewing it when necessary will take care of our health while we sleep and will make our rest much better.

Conclusion: take care of your health and while you sleep, try to sleep well.

In short, it is very important that we take care of our health in all aspects that we can, and sleeping well was not going to be less.

The quality of Dupen mattresses is totally focused on this idea: the idea of taking care of you and yours so that you can rest well. We strive to generate a complete sleep experience, because your satisfaction is very important to us.  

From Dupen we want you to face every day with energy. For more than 50 years we have been concerned about improving your rest and innovating to always offer you the best. And we want to continue to do so. Thank you for putting your dream in our hands.

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