November 9

Quality rest. The importance of a good foundation

In Dupen we care about you, so we put all our effort to offer products dedicated to rest. A quality rest.

In Dupen we care about you, that’s why we put all our effort to offer you products dedicated to rest. Quality rest.

Your trust is very important to us, it is the reason why we strive every day: to keep improving and to be able to offer you the best rest. Your trust in us is what motivates us to keep improving.

None of this would be possible if it were not for teamwork. Dupen is made up of more than 180 people who work every day to offer quality rest. It is a work of many and each one does his part, they are small pieces with a great value, because the sum of their work is what really forms Dupen.

The experience of rest is no different from teamwork. A quality rest is also influenced by many parts and when you add them all together is when you get an incredible rest experience, a quality rest.

Rest is an integral experience, all elements must be in harmony to achieve that experience of physical and psychological rest.

For a quality rest the key is to rest on a suitable place.

We have all known for years the importance of sleeping on a good mattress, the benefits it brings to our daily life and the health problems it can prevent (such as insomnia or back problems).

It is also important to keep in mind that your mattress must rest on a suitable place, whether it is a base, a bed base or a box spring, so that it can offer you all its properties and maintain its quality. The quality of the foundation is as important as that of the mattress, because it will be responsible for keeping it in good condition.

At Dupen we do not only focus on making quality mattressesWe strive to generate a complete rest experience and for this we also take into account the base, the bed base or the box spring on which your mattress will rest, as well as the pillow that will take care of your neck.

Your mattress resting on a good foundation will be the basis for you to rest better, and that is our goal.

From Dupen we want you to face every day with energy. For more than 50 years we have been concerned about improving your rest and innovating to always offer you the best. And we want to continue to do so. Thank you for putting your dream in our hands.

Your well-being, our satisfaction.

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