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100% sustainable

The purpose of 100% sustainable It has been with us for many years and we continue to work day by day for the sustainability of our production model. Our commitment to the environment consists of carrying out all the necessary actions in order to leave a better world for future generations.

The work we carry out today focuses on two different areas.

Renewable energy

The first thing is the energy sustainability of our production plants. For this, today, we have 60.000 square meters of production buildings with solar panels on their roofs. With this, we produce energy for our production processes and supply it to the electricity grid. Take advantage of the Sun, a great source of renewable energy in our geographical area.

solar panel

Natural materials

The second area in which we are working for sustainability and care for the environment is incorporation of natural materials and ecological in the production of mattresses. Today, you can find in our catalog a range of natural mattresses and, in addition, we work in our research, development and innovation department for the continuous incorporation of natural, ecological and sustainable materials. With this action, in addition to helping to conserve the planet, we produce higher quality mattresses and help the health of our customers by getting them to spend their rest hours on more natural materials.

Dupen with the Environment

At Dupen we always manufacture with materials of certified suppliers using the latest technologies in terms of 360º recycling, being one of the main manufacturers of rest equipment, in which, 100% of its waste goes to recycling plants with the aim of giving them a second life, thus promoting a circular economy.


PEFC works throughout the supply chain to promote good practices in the forest and ensure that forest products are produced in compliance with the highest environmental, social and ethical standards.
ECO-PLAST is a material developed to meet the requirements of Directive (EU) 2018/851 of the European Parliament, which includes a % of POST-CONSUMPTION recycled material certified by AENOR standard UNE-EN 15343.
Products made with polyurethane foam with this certificate have passed a series of tests and analyzes that ensure that they are respectful of the environment, with people's health and that they are safe.
It guarantees the consumer that certified products come from responsibly managed forests, in accordance with criterios of sustainability.
oeko tex@4x-80
OEKO Tex Standard 100 Certification verifies that there are no harmful substances in textiles or in the manufacturing phases of a product.
The ISO 9001:2015 standard is the international standard of a certifiable nature that regulates Quality Management Systems. The ISO 9000 series of standards promote the adoption of a process-based approach.
blue engel@4x-80
German certification for environmentally friendly products and services which do not pollute or harm the environment.
It is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 of the FAO that regulates the wooden packaging used in international trade that describes the phytosanitary measures to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of pests related to the wooden packaging.
air resources board@4x-80
The California Air Resources Board is an agency whose mission is to protect the public from exposure to toxic air pollutants, create innovative policies and regulations related to air pollution.
EuPC's aim is to contribute to an open and fair trading environment for plastics converters in Europe.
Certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in charge of protecting human health and the environment: air, water and soil.
Anaip certifies that it is committed to the Circular Economy with the integration of Recycled Plastics.