September 13

6 tips to combat post-holiday syndrome

Although many of us find it hard to believe, the vacations are over. It’s time to fight the dreaded post-holiday syndrome.

Although many of us find it hard to believe, the vacations are over. It’s time to fight the dreaded post-holiday syndrome.

After a few weeks of rest, of living a little less worried about the clock, it’s time to return to our usual life. It’s time to get back to the routine and our rest and our mood may suffer after the vacations.

Why does post-holiday syndrome occur?

During the vacations, we do not usually have fixed schedules and we radically change our sleep patterns. When they end, our organism is usually affected in terms of rest.
The stress of returning to the routine can make it more difficult to fall asleep; this, added to the nostalgia of a vacation that is coming to an end, causes many people to suffer from the so-called “post-holiday syndrome“. The good news is that this is a temporary state of mind, which usually lasts a few days or weeks until we get used to our routines again.

Tips to combat post-holiday syndrome

Here are a few tips to combat the post-holiday syndrome and that the return to the routine is as bearable as possible and your rest does not suffer so much:

Readapt your schedule little by little

This is the first guideline to combat post-holiday syndrome. If possible, start readjusting your schedule little by little. It is important to do it gradually, because if you do it all at once it will cost you more. Take advantage of the last days of vacation to adapt your schedule to the normal routine and bring your sleep hours closer to those you are used to having during the rest of the year.

Get organized

To avoid stress upon returning from vacation and post-holiday syndrome, it is best to have everything well organized. Having a routine and a well-organized agenda will help us to dedicate the right amount of time to each activity within a specific schedule. In addition, we will not forget anything and we will force ourselves to find a gap in our routine for every activity we want to do outside of our work.

Find special activities for the first few weeks back to routine

To make the return to the routine much more pleasant, look for activities that you enjoy and that make the return to the routine easier to improve your mood during these difficult weeks. Think of the positive things that the return from vacation brings, such as the return of your favorite series or movie premieres that you have been waiting for months.

Do sports and eat healthy

This advice is valid for any time of the year, not only to prevent post-holiday syndrome.

Introducing sport and healthy eating into our routines will provide our organism with a feeling of wellbeing that will make the return to routine more bearable.

Exercising a couple of times a week, drinking 2 liters of water daily and consuming enough fruits and vegetables is a good way to make our body more energetic after the vacations.

Disconnect a couple of hours before going to bed.

To avoid insomnia in the first days of the return to routine, it is advisable to start preparing our brain to go to sleep. For example, avoiding eating, exercising or consulting work issues at least 2 hours before going to bed.

At Dupen we are constantly concerned about taking care of your rest and we know that the return to the routine after the vacations is always hard, but if you implement these tips it will be a little more bearable. We hope they help you fight the dreaded post-holiday syndrome!

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