October 15

Pacific Seaqual mattress: the mattress for your rest and that of the planet

We have created our Pacific Seaqual mattress with recycled material from plastics that end up in the sea. It is the mattress for your rest and that of the planet.

One of the great novelties that we presented in this latest edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia is the Pacific Seaqual mattress: the mattress for your rest and that of the planet. This mattress has been created with fabrics made from recycled material from plastics that end up in the sea.

The pocketed spring core technology used in the Pacific Seaqual mattress is a sleep system that has evolved from springs that are individually pocketed, which allows for greater comfort.

Pacific Seaqual Mattress Features

High quality Strecht fabric

Stretch fabric is a fabric that comes from recycled plastics from the sea and gives the Pacific Seaqual mattress great elasticity and a great feeling of comfort and flexibility, as it adapts to your shape and your movements gradually.

Viscoaqua high density

The layers of ViscoAqua that make up the Pacific Seaqual mattress offer a high degree of comfort and adaptability and make it capable of adapting to the silhouette of our body.

By using the ViscoAqua material, the temperature of the Pacific Seaqual mattress is maintained up to 3 degrees lower than in mattresses made with conventional viscoelastic foam.

Natural fiber

Our Pacific Seaqual mattress is created from natural raw materials (plastic waste collected from the Mediterranean). The fabrics are made from high quality polyester yarn made from recycled materials.

HiperSoft high density and AirDream high density

High-density HiperSoft and high-density AirDream systems ensure maximum mattress durability. In addition, the Pacific Seaqual mattress offers a better adaptation to the body due to the way in which its springs and the fillings are distributed among them, as well as to its bed independence system and the flexibility of each of its elements.

Pocket Tech Box Pocket Tech Box pocket springs housing

For premium comfort, the Pacific Seaqual mattress features a Pocket Tech Box spring core with Airdream perimeter. This system is formed from individually pocketed springs that provide high lateral stability.

Always innovating so that you have the best

At Dupen, we are constantly innovating to adapt to our customers and offer them the best to take care of their rest. Thanks to our day-to-day work, we are able to develop models that make our customers’ lives much more comfortable.

In addition, small gestures such as developing the Pacific Seaqual mattress help our commitment to the environment. This commitment, which has been with us for many years, not only involves the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials in the production of mattresses, but also the energy sustainability of our production plants.

We know that caring for the environment is everyone’s business, so we do our bit with our daily work.

Thank you for putting your dreams in our hands.

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