August 6

5 summer sleeping essentials

We love summer! It is the star season of the terraces, the vacations, the sun and the heat. Although sometimes the heat can become a problem for sleeping in summer.

We love summer! It is the star season of the terraces, the vacations, the sun and the heat. Although sometimes the heat can become a problem for sleeping in summer.

When temperatures are excessively high during the night, we may have trouble falling asleep. According to experts, the ideal temperature for sleeping (in summer and winter) is 21ºC. This is because when we reach the REM phase, our body loses the ability to regulate its own temperature. Here are some tips to get a great night’s sleep in summer!

Forget naps

To sleep in summer we should forget those long naps typical when we are on vacation. An afternoon nap can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. And if we add this to the heat… we may not have a good night.

But there is no need to be radical either. You can rest a little after eating, as long as you do not sleep more than 30 minutes. In fact, these short naps enhance alertness and improve cognitive performance.

Light dinner

This is nothing new. If we eat too much dinner, it will be more difficult to fall asleep afterwards. This is because heavy digestion can interfere with our sleep cycle. That is why it is also recommended to wait at least two hours after dinner before going to bed.

In addition, another interesting tip for sleeping in summer is to choose cool dinners. If we choose foods that are eaten hot, our body will have to generate even more heat to digest them.

Hydrate during the day

It is very important to keep our body hydrated during the day if we want to sleep well at night. If we are well hydrated, we are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night to drink water (although not impossible).

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in summer we should drink more water to replenish the liquids we lose through sweating.

Avoid cold showers, warm water is better.

Taking a cold shower before going to bed is one of the worst ideas for sleeping in summer. Cold water generates a reactivation of the organism and increases energy expenditure, which makes you feel warmer.

On the contrary, a warm shower helps lower our body temperature and relax us without interfering with our night’s rest.

A good mattress

In addition to all these tips for a good night’s sleep, you cannot forget the importance of the mattress you sleep on. To sleep in summer (and at any time of the year) you need to choose a mattress that does not condense moisture, that breathes well and that has good ventilation.

The combination of Visco-Gel and Viscoelastic of the Dupen Luxe has a specific side for each season of the year. The Visco-Gel has a cooling, moisture-free, ventilated surface and provides a cool and pleasant temperature for summer. On the other side, viscoelastic evenly distributes body heat, creating a warmer and more comfortable feeling for the colder months.

You know that in Dupen we love to take care of your rest and the rest of your loved ones because we are passionate about taking care of your dreams. We hope these tips for sleeping in summer have been useful and that you will be able to rest and continue dreaming.

Sweet dreams!

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