July 1

New polar mattress

Do you find it hard to sleep in summer because of the heat? We have developed a mattress that will put an end to this problem: the polar mattress.

Do you find it hard to sleep in summer because of the heat? We have developed a mattress that will put an end to this problem: the polar mattress.

At Dupen we are constantly innovating to solve your problems and make your life easier. We know that sleeping in summer can be very difficult in the heat, that’s why we bring you the polar mattress, a new mattress with Pocket Tech® technology, individually pocket springs and a tempered steel alloy to individualize the rest and offer extraordinary comfort. In addition, it is a medium-high firmness mattress.

What is the polar mattress like?

The Polar mattress is a new mid-range model with unique and exclusive features. It is especially comfortable thanks to the cool fabric covering its Hipersoft layer. This is the most interesting feature of the fleece mattress. In addition, it helps regulate body temperature thanks to the fabric that reduces the sensation of heat on the summer side (polar side).

Another fundamental characteristic of the polar mattress is that it is manufactured with Pocket Tech® technology of pocket springs that favors air recirculation; therefore, it has two different sides for summer and winter.
On the summer side, the fleece fabric, which dissipates 45% of heat and humidity in the first 45 minutes (90% in one hour), is padded with Hipersoft, which ensures a comfortable and soft welcome.
On the winter side, a quality stretch fabric that, together with viscoelastic, adapts to your body gradually. It allows smooth movements, and this contributes to greater relaxation and better rest.

Characteristics of the polar mattress

Pocket Tech® Pocket Tech® pocket spring core

The polar mattress is specially designed for hot people, as it provides a high level of breathability due to its pocket spring shell. In addition, its aeration system on the sides provides a high air movement on the inside.

Cooldry fleece fabric

The fabric with which the polar mattress is made (polar cooldry fabric) is a certified fabric for the reduction of perspiration and heat. This fabric creates an ideal microclimate for rest, and favors the evaporation of heat and humidity.

Bed independence

The polar mattress adapts to the difference in weight exerted on the mattress, offering two different surfaces for different pressures.

Winter and summer face

Our new polar mattress is a mattress developed for differentiated use in the summer and winter season. For the summer it has the combination of Fleece + Hipersoft fabric; and for the winter it has the Stretch fabric + viscoelastic.

Cushioned mat

The mattress border is the fabric that surrounds the perimeter of a mattress and its function is to provide the mattress with adequate lateral support and to provide an outlet for internal ventilation. The quilted border gives the fleece mattress a more comfortable and elastic contour and makes it more breathable and soft.

Anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment

It is a treatment applied to both the mattress covers and the inside of the mattress that eliminates the three main causes of allergies: dust mites, bacteria and fungi. Thanks to this treatment, the concentrations of the main dust mite allergens are considerably reduced.

Always innovating so that you have the best

Our passion for quality and for improving the lives of our customers constantly guides us towards innovation. And thanks to our day-to-day work, we are able to develop models that make our customers’ lives much more comfortable. The polar model is our latest creation; a creation that will change the way you sleep in summer forever.

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