September 24

Thank you for visiting us at Feria Hábitat 2018.

Once again, at Dupen we have chosen Feria Hábitat to present our new products. Among them, our Black Titan model and our Energy Sport model stand out.

As every year Feria Hábitat Valencia has been presented as an essential event in the calendar to discover the latest trends in furniture and decoration. 
From September 18 to 21, the 2018 edition of this event was held at Feria Valencia, which aims to showcase the new collections and products of the most important firms. 

More than 400 international firms and brands have chosen Feria Hábitat to showcase their new products within a framework that provides a global vision of the entire habitat sector

The event was held, as usual, at Feria Valencia, occupying the four pavilions on Level 2, with a total of 45,000 square meters.

Once again, at Dupen we have chosen Feria Hábitat as the stage to present our new products

In this great event of the furniture sector we have presented a new proposal, full of innovation and always based on the needs of the market.

Each product presented adapts to each body according to the anatomical needs that each person needs for optimal rest. We have presented different models with different variables depending on specific needs. 

This year we have presented many new products, among which our Black Titan model and our Energy Sport model stand out.  

Black Titan. Perhaps the best mattress in the world

The Black Titan was undoubtedly the star of our stand at this 2018 Habitat Fair. This new model has been very well received by all visitors to our stand.

At Dupen we have raised our quality bar to offer the market a highly durable mattress for very demanding customers with unique features and extraordinary comfort, even giving a 20-year warranty. The result is our Black Titan model. 

The Black Titan is a perfect combination of comfort, technology, durability and design. A mattress that you will undoubtedly dream of.

Made with high-density Visco Carbon and natural fiber, it is the only Dupen mattress with a 20-year warranty. 

In addition, the staging of the Black Titan in this Habitat Fair is the proposal focused to be reproduced in the stores of our distributors. An ideal space to reflect the elegance and majesty of a model that will fascinate all customers. 

Energy sport

At Dupen we care about everyone’s rest, also with special designs for athletes. In the last edition of Feria Hábitat we already presented our Trisport model, specially designed for people who practice intense physical activity. This year, continuing with our range of technical sports mattresses, we have developed and introduced the Energy Sport model. 

The Energy Sport model is specially designed for muscle recovery and cell regeneration after heavy physical exertion. 

Both Trisport and energy sport are specifically created to improve the body’s rest after intense exercise and to allow a quick return to a resting state. 

All the components of these mattresses have been designed to improve the aspects that an athlete may desire: perspiration, humidity, rest, relaxation, biometric improvement…

Feria Hábitat has been, as every year, an unbeatable showcase to present the latest trends in the world of furniture and decoration, a fair of the “Made in Spain” market with a special projection abroad.

From Dupen we would like to thank all the people who have visited us at our stand during these days. These have been very intense days and we would like to thank those of you who have shared these moments with us.

Because our commitment is and always will be to you. Now it’s time to keep working and innovating to keep improving your rest.

See you at Feria Hábitat 2019!

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