August 2

Keys to sleep cool in summer

Sleeping in summer can become a real problem if we do not manage to reach the right temperature in our house and in our bedroom.

In summer, sleeping can become a real problem. Summer has many advantages, more hours of sunshine, free time to rest, to enjoy with the family, etc. But it also has a major drawback: high temperatures. 

The ideal temperature for sleeping, whatever the time of year, is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

When temperatures exceed 24 degrees at night, sleeping becomes more difficult. In fact, from 26 degrees the body activates its sweating system and this can become a real problem.

Here are a few keys to sleep cool this summer, putting in place a few simple tricks: 


We must take care of the space where we are going to sleep. It is very important to keep the room dark during the day to prevent heat from entering. We should keep blinds down and windows closed and open everything when the sun goes down to let the cool night air in. 

The fewer lights and electronic devices we have in our room the better. The energy from these appliances radiates heat, increasing the temperature of our room. 

If we do not have air conditioning, a good idea, which has already become a classic, is to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan. In this way we will get the fan blades to distribute cold air throughout the bedroom. 


The bed is the key point of our bedroom where we are going to focus our attention to get to sleep without being hot. 

It is essential to use bed linen that is fresh and breathable, and for this purpose cotton is usually the star choice. A plus of freshness at bedtime can be given to us by putting our sheets in the freezer, without being wet, a while before going to sleep. We will not be able to keep the sheets fresh all night long, but they will last until we get to sleep. 

Another great option to lower the temperature in our bed is to fill the typical hot water bottle, but with cold water. 

Whenever possible, we will try to sleep as close to the ground as possible. If our house has two floors, it will be less warm on the first floor, as the heat tends to rise upwards. 


The last key point that we must take into account to sleep cool in summer is also the most important: our body. 

Knowing how our body regulates its temperature is a very powerful weapon to fight the heat on summer nights. 

The neck, wrists, elbows and ankles are key points to keep cool to regulate our temperature. Putting the cold water bag on these points will help us to be cooler. 
A warm shower before bedtime is also a great idea. It is important to avoid cold water showers, as with them our body raises its temperature to compensate for the thermal difference, so we end up getting hotter. 

Taking care of our body during the day and especially in the hours before going to bed is crucial to sleep refreshed at night. We should keep our body hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and, as bedtime approaches, we should avoid exercise and heavy dinners. These two things increase our body temperature, making it more difficult for us to fall asleep. 

There are many ways to make sleeping in summer a little easier, do you know more tricks to sleep cool in summer? Tell us about them! 

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