April 26

How to choose the perfect size for our mattress?

If you are in doubt about how to choose the perfect size for your mattress, at Dupen we have the right answer for a good rest.

The size of a mattress greatly influences the quality of rest you can have when sleeping. For this reason, there are different sizes of mattresses that can generate the doubt of how to choose the perfect size for our mattress.

At Dupen we know that choosing the perfect size for our mattress can be complicated, especially because a bad decision can generate discomfort when sleeping or a higher cost.

That’s why, with this post we guide you in the right choice of your ideal mattress.

What do you need to know to choose the perfect size for your mattress?

To know how to choose the perfect size for our mattress we must have knowledge about the characteristics and common use of each one of them. That will give us a guide to what fits the needs.

It should be noted that the following measurements refer to the width, and each of them comes in different length measurements, which adjust to the height of the person.

Individual mattresses

If you need a mattress for a single person, there are three common sizes to choose from. Among them are:

80 cm wide

This size is narrower than the common single mattress, and is mainly used for the youngest members of the household. It is also a good choice for a teenager if you have limited space in the room.

90 cm wide

Mattresses of this width are the most common when it comes to single beds. Because of this, it is easy to find all kinds of furniture and beds for the mattress, as it is considered a standard. Whether for children or adults who are not very wide, this model is perfect.

105 cm wide

One size that is becoming popular in many countries is precisely a little larger than standard. And it offers greater comfort if you want to sleep stretched out or you are a person who tends to move around a lot.

Double mattresses

When it comes to couples, the sizes are more varied, and there are even customized mattresses.

However, here we will name the most common ones you can choose from and their uses. Thus, we solve the doubt of how to choose the perfect size for our mattress.

135 cm wide

This size is the standard for double mattresses, therefore, it is the most popular. It is ideal for two small people; if they are not, a larger option is recommended.

150 cm wide

The famous “queensize” beds are the ones with this size, ideal for thicker people and couples who want more space to move around or sleep relaxed, without worrying about turning and bumping into each other.

200 cm wide

When you need a large area to sleep comfortably or you are a large person,kingsize or 200 cm wide beds are the way to go. This is the widest measurement before custom beds and often reaches 200 cm in height as well.

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