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sport and rest

Sport and rest have an important relationship. We all know that a good rest and sleep improves the performance of our body when performing physical activities.

sport and rest They have an important relationship. We all know that a good rest and sleep improves the performance of our body when performing physical activities, but it also influences inversely. A routine with a sports activity included helps achieve a pleasant and optimal sleep.

From Dupen we offer you information on how it relates sport and rest healthy because we care that you improve the quality of your sleep to the maximum. We tell you.

How are sports and rest related?

It is a fact that performing physical activity generates various health benefits for the body, among which is sleeping better.

One of the aspects that most directly relates them is their opposite value: exercise activates people, and sleep is the Precisely activating the body allows it to consume energy and, At bedtime, we have more need to rest. In short: we would be discharging the batteries.

One aspect that evidences this relationship is that, statistically, the people who have more problems sleeping and do not rest well are those who have sedentary habitsrios.

Therefore, it is recommended to include an amount of exercise per day, that no matter how small, will help improve rest.

Sport and rest, how to improve them?

To help obtain a better rest through sport, it is necessaryrio keep in mind goesrios factors.

It is no use doing physical activity at any time, or being inconsistent in training, since we must accustom the body to an intensity to get good results.

Next, we will tell you some guidelines that must be followed to improve rest.

First it is important to note that the body it takes time to get used to and assimilate this change in physical activity, so you should not despair if you feel a little worse when you start with the exercises.

It is not recommended to do high-intensity sports close to rest hours. As much as it exhausts us, exercise stimulates the nervous system, and it will take a while for it to go to rest in order to fall asleep.

againstrio, if a light activity is carried out, such as a walk or walk near the break, it will not have a negative effect.

However, It is best to do sports in the morning hours, since it has been shown that the best results are obtained in improving rest.

You see that sport and rest influence each other. Apply these tips Dupen and enjoy a healthier and rested life.

We consider sport an important activity in our lives, just like resting well. For this reason, at Dupen we have developed two models Energy Sport y Power Sport thinking about the athlete's rest.

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