March 21

Risks of insufficient sleep

Do you know what are the consequences of having a bad rest habit? Here is the answer to your doubts about the risks of sleeping too little.

According to all expert reports, the risks of getting too little sleep have increased in recent years.

In fact, foundations such as the National Sleep Foundation have studied the consequences of this problem, which can seriously affect a person’ s health and quality of life.

You have probably heard that 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night is advisable. If you have any doubts about these risks, at Dupen we review them in detail, so that you can sleep soundly.

Risks of insufficient sleep for people

Due to the busy work life, many people end up suffering a drastic change in their sleep cycles, reducing the hours of rest.

If you add to this that the few hours we spend sleeping are interrupted by a bad mattress or pillow … the quality of rest is significantly affected.

At Dupen we take your health very seriously. That’s why our products are designed to improve the quality of your sleep. This way you can avoid problems such as:

Memory loss

There is an explanation for this. During the night’s rest, your brain executes memory sorting processes. In a nutshell: it orders all cognitive material that has been generated during the day.

What happens when you don’t get proper rest? The benefit of this restructuring does not occur, and may result in cognitive impairment.

Bone deterioration

One of the recently researched and certified risks of insufficient sleep is osteoporosis. Research from the Medical College of Wisconsin showed that lack of sleep results in decreased mineral and structural density of bone mass.

Exactly: those bone pains are due not only to occasional bad sleeping posture. If we do not take care of our rest, our bones suffer, especially in the long term.

Lack of well-being in the brain

It has been proven that just 3 days of poor sleep causes brain cells to begin to die.

Remember that neurons are not replaced: if we lose them, we lose faculties.

Obesity and the off-hour eating cycle

A study certifies that there are other weight-related risks of sleeping too little. Resting less than 5 hours limits the hormone responsible for making your body feel satiated, leptin, by 15.5%. This will change your eating schedule, encouraging unhealthy eating habits.

Now you know: the risks of getting too little sleep go far beyond dark circles under the eyes in the morning. Adjust your schedule and try to give your body a well-deserved rest, both in time and quality. If you have any doubts, you already know: at Dupen we will have the answer.

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