June 17

Safety when testing mattresses in times of COVID-19

At Dupen we take safety very seriously when testing mattresses in times of COVID-19. We make sure that you can try them without risk to your health.

At Dupen we are very committed to safety by testing mattresses in our customers’ stores in times of COVID-19.

It is a priority for us to ensure that the products we make available to our customers not only meet their rest needs. We are also concerned that they can display and test them in their stores without risk to their health.

For this reason, there are certain control measures in mattress stores related to COVID-19. The objective is to facilitate a positive shopping experience that safeguards everyone’s health during the process.

What safety measures when testing mattresses are in place per COVID-19?

It is clear that the recommendations to use masks, wash hands with hydroalcoholic gels or use gloves in stores are widespread. In addition, we must respect the safety distance between people, and avoid touching what we are not going to buy.

However, we would like to talk about safety measures for testing mattresses, which pose a more specific, but equally important, challenge.

Disinfection of mattresses after each test

One of the most effective measures we can carry out with COVID-19 is prevention. In this sense, and although the risk of contagion is certainly lower, disinfecting with specific products is the best way to take care of our customers and respect the integrity of the mattress.

In addition, this type of disinfection is also performed throughout the day in the entire facility. If the mattress is going to pass through a warehouse, if we leave it in a van on its way to your home: all of that will have to be disinfected.

Risk control

Another safety measure for testing mattresses during COVID-19 is that no employee should have to work if there is a suspicion of illness.

From the people who sell the mattress to the transporters, from the manufacturer to the store personnel. If someone is a risk vector, as a precaution they should stay at home.

Zero contact deliveries

Finally, zero-touch mattress deliveries are another excellent way to take care of everyone’s health. Thus, neither the delivery person has to enter the house, nor the customer’s family’s integrity is exposed.

For us, these safety measures for testing mattresses during COVID-19 are an additional effort. However, they have the extraordinary reward of seeing our customers satisfied to know that we pamper their health as well as their rest.

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