Family Bed

The Family Bed model is a bed made of 100% polyester fabric with silicone anti-slip. Its side consists of a soft fabric, a pocket for storing objects and a handle for easy mobility.

Available in different finishes.

Product assembled and vacuum rolled.

Family Bed measures: 178x112x28 cm. Box dimensions: 130x38x38 cm

Tejido reciclado de botellas de plástico

Recycled fabric from plastic bottles

Funda desmontable

Detachable cover

Resistencia a la abrasión

Abrasion resistance 100,000 cycles

Garantía Dupen

3 years warranty

Product information

Available in different finishes .

Family Bed measures: 178x112x28 cm

Removable and washable cover.

Base padding: high resistance polyurethane foam 1000×1790 mm.

Side filling: 200 g flock filled cylinders. PP (TOTAL 4000 g.)

100% polyester fabric with silicone anti-slip coating

Yarn: 100% polyester.

Article assembled and vacuum rolled.

Box dimensions: 130x38x38 cm.

Available sizes

Family Bed measures: