June 5

Dupen with green energy

At Dupen we assume our energy responsibility with the environment in which we live and in which we develop our activity.

We are proud to have obtained another year our green energy certificate, a certificate that endorses that the energy consumed in 2017 at Dupen Industries comes 100% from renewable sources, it is green energy.

Green energy certificates serve to identify that the origin of the energy consumed is environmentally friendly and help to promote the use of renewable energies.
Every day, more and more companies are committed to our environment. We are concerned about the impact that our energy consumption has on the environment and we adapt to make it sustainable, because we believe in renewable energies and in the change of energy model. 

That is why we have a model that allows us to generate a 100% renewable energy supply. Since it is generated from renewable sources, with a very low environmental impact, such as solar energy in our case. In this way we manage to reduce the emission of polluting gases and thus the environmental impact. 

Every day the world is more aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, so we assume our energy responsibility with the environment in which we live and in which we develop our activity.

At Dupen our philosophy is to innovate, and not only in our products, but also in being responsible with the energy we consume to manufacture them.

We reduce our energy consumption and obtain this energy from a renewable resource  such as the sun, thus achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly system.

Dupen has a solar field (a set of solar panels) on top of our facilities to take advantage of this natural and renewable resource. Solar panels are clean and silent, and have a very positive impact on the environment, since avoiding the use of fossil fuels greatly reduces environmental damage and contributes to good air quality.  

This entire solar energy system is responsible for collecting solar radiation and converting the photons into electrical energy. In this way we take advantage of an inexhaustible source of energy, which is 100% renewable energy, and we reduce the environmental impact, since solar energy does not generate polluting emissions.

At Dupen we are committed to the world we live in and we do everything in our power to make it a better place, so all the energy we consume comes from 100% renewable sources, to contribute our grain of sand to protect the environment. 

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