November 21

6 tips for better sleep in winter

Winter is a special time for our sleep. The hours of sunlight are reduced and the cold weather arrives, a situation that makes us want to spend more time in bed. If you are one of those who have trouble falling asleep, here are some tips to sleep better in winter.

The arrival of autumn and winter can produce in many people a drop in mood. This results in a change in sleep patterns, as the days are shorter and we produce more melatonin (the sleep hormone). For this reason, many people increase their sleep hours during the winter. Here are a few tips to help you sleep better in winter:

Maintain your routine

It is essential to maintain our routines in winter in order to rest properly and sleep better in winter. It is not at all productive to increase the amount of sleep during a particular season. Nor is it useful to sleep extra on weekends to make up for the hours of the rest of the week.

Exercise and outdoors

Exercise is always good for regulating our rest, but in winter it takes center stage. In winter, exercise helps to expend the energy we accumulate while eating. This way we get to bed more tired. In addition, if the exercise is outdoors, all the better (as long as the temperature allows it).

Forget the heating during the night

Keeping the heating on during the night can be a great enemy to our rest. High temperatures make it more difficult to fall asleep, so it is preferable to avoid heating. For this reason, it is more practical to maintain a temperature of about 16 ºC and to keep warm in bed to sleep better in winter.

Avoid heavy dinners

Heavy dinners are another great enemy of our rest, since they cause very heavy digestions. In addition, we should always wait at least two hours from the time we have dinner until we go to sleep.

Just before going to bed we can drink a hot infusion. This will help warm our body and help us rest better and sleep better in winter.


Ventilating our room is also important in winter. It is necessary to renew the air and to avoid humidity in our room. Opening the windows for 10 minutes is enough, if we open them for more time we will only cool the house.


Relaxation is one of the main keys to sleep better in winter. We can establish a series of relaxing actions that make us disconnect from our day-to-day thoughts. For example, reading, yoga or meditation.

No matter what time of the year it is, at Dupen we always make sure you sleep well and rest better. Our job is to take care of you, and it is a job we are passionate about. 

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