June 19

We renew our image with this new website

Throughout Dupen’s 50-year history, many aspects have been renewed. Times change and with it we have to change ourselves and our presence on the Internet.

Throughout Dupen’s 50-year history, many aspects have been renewed. We have been constantly working on the incorporation of new products, new materials and new shapes as you have required such changes.

Times change and with it we have to change ourselves and that is why we have made an important effort so that our presence on the Internet offers you all the information about our company.
In this new web design, we have greatly expanded the amount of information with respect to the previous web design. In addition to being more coherent with the brand image, we offer you an extensive history of how we work, the experience that supports us, the quality processes in which we constantly work, the facilities in which we work for you every day, and we also explain our real commitment to the environment and the measures we are taking to be 100% sustainable. All this information can be found in the Dupen company section.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done, this new website gives everyone public access to the complete Dupen catalog. All the products in our catalog are accessible and sorted by categories that you can easily access through the main menu.

Dupen’s strong commitment to contract, is also reflected in this new web design so that we have opened a section with images of projects and proposals for the integral furnishing of spaces. The contract work is mainly for hotels, although it is possible to hire the services of Dupen contract for any person who needs the service.

The validation of the Dupen warranty can now be done from the web page, so that we can offer you this service in a much simpler way. By simply filling out the simple form, you can validate the manufacturer’s warranty that protects you against any problem you may have as we assume full responsibility.

As we have always done, we aim to improve the quality of sleep of all people and with that goal in mind we inaugurated this blog. In it, you will find news related to rest and news about all the work we do every day for you.

Finally, we would like to invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. We have a customer service team always looking after you and your opinion is invaluable, so if you want to comment or ask us any question, please use our contact form whenever you want.


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