May 14

Keys to good bedroom lighting

Our bedrooms are key points in our home. In them we recharge our batteries to face the day to day, so every detail counts and bedroom lighting was not going to be less.

The first thing we must take into account when we start with the bedroom lighting is the use we are going to give it. It is not the same if we are going to use it exclusively at night, to read or sleep, than if we are going to perform daytime activities.

Light, apart from being a fundamental decorative element, is capable of transmitting numerous sensations, as well as influencing our mood and the quality of our rest.

We must take into account the natural light that our bedroom has and from there plan our bedroom lighting, with the artificial light that we will need depending on our needs.

Warm or cold light

Warm light sources are more relaxing while cool light sources are more stimulating. Logically, for good bedroom lighting, we should opt for warm lights to promote relaxation and rest. Although we may want to bet on cold light in areas such as the dressing room or if we have a study or work area in our bedroom. The vanity area also needs a strong and bright light, a cold light. Each bedroom is different and, consequently, its lighting will be different.

The key to bedroom lighting: one main light and several accessories

Since we are going to carry out different activities in our bedroom, the most logical thing to do is to be able to adapt the bedroom lighting to each of them. The most effective solution is to use one main light and several accessory lights. The main light should be warm, and the rest can be cool or warm depending on your needs.

Among the accessory lights, we can opt for the classic night lights. If we are in the habit of reading in bed, its light should be cool. We can also bet on a floor lamp in a corner of our bedroom. This light should be warm, to give atmosphere to our bedroom. And even better if it has a dimmer, as you can have the perfect amount of light and create a more intimate atmosphere when needed.

In Dupen we know that there are many factors that influence you to have a quality rest, and we know that bedroom lighting is one of them. We love to work every day to improve your quality of life, so we strive to take care of your health and your rest.

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