June 19

Dupen contract at Interhotel pop-up Marbella

Dupen Contract has participated in the pop-up Interihotel Costa del Sol held on April 26 and 27, 2017. Dupen is a company committed to this sector.

If you are a contract professional, you will know Interihotel (the contract fair of reference in Spain). Dupen is a company very committed to this sector and therefore has a business division dedicated exclusively to this field:
Dupen Contract

Dupen Contract has participated in the Interihotel Costa del Sol pop-up held on April 26 and 27, 2017 in Marbella. Interihotel defines itself as a “Marktplace specialized in hotel interior design”. Initially, it was held once a year in Barcelona, but nowadays, in addition to its annual meeting, it holds pop-up events in other places in Spain with a lot of weight in the tourism and hotel sector. The reason for this expansion of Interihotel with pop-up events is that hotel professionals from other areas of Spain can also benefit from this opportunity to make contacts and close deals with companies specializing in contract.

Interihotel is a quality fair aimed exclusively at professionals: hoteliers, architects, interior designers, decorators and suppliers. It also offers a hotel interior design showroom where the different companies show their proposals. The pop-up also offers an interesting program of specialized presentations. In the Costa del Sol, the presentations on “Interior design with local identity” and “Fundamentals of hotel design: The standards of the major international brands” stood out. In addition, there was an open discussion table and a networking cocktail among professionals. Interihotel pop-up Costa del Sol has been a great success and 467 professionals have attended the event.

In the Dupen Contract exhibition space, visitors to the Interihotel pop-up Costa del Sol have been able to see live the proposal of a complete bedroom composed of a double bed, two bedside tables, footboard and trunk cabinet. The furniture chosen is of simple and clear lines, with a modern and exclusive design adapted to the needs of hotels.

The Dupen Contract division offers hotels furniture proposals and customized solutions that respond to customer needs, since it has its own production of beds and mattresses, as well as furniture.

Dupen Contract also has a specialized consulting service so that you can turn into reality the room or room that is still only in your head. Our 50 years of experience in hotel furnishing, the quality of our materials and processes, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction are our letter of introduction to you.

At Interihotel pop-up Costa del Sol we have been able to demonstrate this and have formalized major exclusive commercial agreements with hotels and chains.

Hopefully you can join us at the next Interitohel pop-up!

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