The CARMINA model has been designed with passion and dedication. Composed by the majesty of two perfectly framed pictures, giving life to your room with its imposing presence. The real jewel of CARMINA lies in the diversity of fabric finish options we offer, ranging from classic to contemporary, to the various sizes that allow you to adapt this spectacular headboard to any space.

Quality assurance supports the manufacture of this headboard, using top quality raw materials and complying with the most rigorous quality controls and current regulations.

Committed to sustainability, we have carefully selected the highest quality eco-friendly materials for every detail. From the fabrics to the frames, every component of the CARMINA model is imbued with the elegance of eco-consciousness, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your choice is environmentally friendly.

Estructura de madera con espuma HR

Wooden structure with HR Foam

Fabricado es España

Made in Spain

altura del cabezal

Head height 119 cm

Fácil colocación

Easy placement

Garantía Dupen

3 years warranty

Available in:

tejidos variados

Wide range of fabrics

Product information


Wooden structure with H.R. foam.
Height: 119 cm.
Thickness: 11 cm.
Width: To choose.
For indoor use.
Non-removable covers.
On the ground/hanging: On the ground or Hanging.
Easy to install.
Includes wall hardware: Yes.
Manufactured in Spain.
3 years warranty.