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dupen guarantee

Your rest, our tranquility. Thank you for purchasing a DUPEN mattress. QUALITY GUARANTEE

Congratulations. You have just purchased a high-quality mattress made with the best materials selected to provide maximum comfort and rest. In order for the life of the mattress to be as long as possible, we suggest that you follow our Mattress Use and Maintenance Guidelines. The mattress is a product that requires basic care so that your rest remains stable during the life of your mattress.

The warranty will be valid for a perio3 year old Some models have an additional two-year warranty and can be valid for up to 10 years. The PErioThe validity of the guarantee is indicated on the mattress label.

The guarantee covers any physical manufacturing defect of the mattress. 

The guarantee covers a deformation or sinking visible and permanent soupriora +/- 3 cm in the mattress core material that is not associated with the use of a defective, inadequate or unsupported base. The warranty covers structural problems and normal changes in firmness or comfort issues are not covered.

The guarantee will be valid exclusively when the DUPEN product is used and handled in accordance with these instructions, if no repairs have been carried out on the product by persons not authorized by DUPEN and provided that it is not proven that the damage suffered by the DUPEN product has been caused intentionally or as a result of improper use.

It must be checked upon delivery for any manufacturing defects before using the mattress.

Models that have an additional two-year warranty will be prorated as follows:

The 5-year guarantees will be reduced, on the invoice amount, by 33.3% per year from the third year.

The 10-year guarantees will be reduced, on the invoice amount, by 12,5% ​​from the third year.

The start date of the guarantee will be the one that appears on the purchase invoice and for any claim the customer must present the original of the invoice.

We remind all our customers to register on the website of the purchase of your mattress. You just have to fill in the formrio online.

When you make a valid warranty claim, DUPEN will replace your product with an equivalent one or repair it. DUPEN will decide whether to repair or replace the product.

When the products are repaired or replaced under the guarantee, the periodo of the original guarantee will not be subject to extension. 

The warranty is not transferable and only the original purchaser can make a claim.

To file a claim, You must present / attach the original invoice or receipt and the guarantee card as proof of purchase as well as photographs that justify the claim  to the incident email

Deteriodamages caused by improper use or incorrect use of the same. (see section Rules for use and maintenance of the mattress)

Deterionormal flow of the mattress and aging of the fabric due to wear and tear and the passage of time.

Defects due to poor storage or transport by the customer.  

Moisture, mold or stains caused by excess humidity in the bedroomrio or poor ventilation. Stains on the mattress void the warranty. The liquids can wet the mattress and stopriorar the foam insiderior. You cannot remove a dirty product and in inadequate hygiene conditions.

Variations in measurements. In accordance with the European regulation UN/EN 1334, a tolerance of -20 mm, +20 mm is allowed in the width or length of the mattress, as well as leaving a mark in the area where it has rested for several hours.

Loss of height and firmness in mattresses of up to 15% is acceptable due to the settling of the internal layers of the product.

Deformation of the mattress due to the use of an inappropriate rest base that does not allow the mattress to rest on a flat surface.

The guarantee does not include the unstitching of the mattresses once 3 months have elapsed since their purchase. If it is a manufacturing defect, the unstitching is generated a few days after its use.

The product will not be considered defective if the customer has not complied with the Mattress Use and Maintenance Rules.

When a DUPEN product has been modified or repaired without the authorization of DUPEN.

The requirements for our guarantee to be viable for any type of manufacturing are:

  • Mattresses have to be kept in high environmental cleanliness conditions.
  • The humidity produced by any type of liquid in the mattress is not a manufacturing problem, but a maintenance problem due to not protecting it with a suitable waterproof cover.
  • Mattresses are products that are developed to support the weight of one or two people lying down. It is not recommended to jump on them, because the same weight is concentrated in a smaller area. This can cause deformities in it.
  • If the mattress support is not in adequate condition, it will affect the mattress, creating deformations that will not be accepted as a manufacturing incident of the mattress.
  • Double-sided mattresses should be flipped at least once a month for the first six months and rotated at the same time. Then repeat every 3 months. The one-sided ones will only have to rotate it. The durability of the mattress will be greater.
  • Latex mattresses should always be supported on a slatted base so that the mattress breathes. If used on an upholstered base, moisture and mold problems may arise.

Take care of your mattress; he takes care of your rest.

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Validate your guarantee

Validate your warranty on the Dupen product you just purchased. In addition to the invoice from the store where you bought your product, at Dupen we validate your guarantee. The manufacturer's warranty protects you against any problems you may have as we assume full responsibility.

To request this guarantee validation, please fill in the following formrio.