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What do you need to know to choose a good mattress?

A good mattress is an extremely necessary investment to live well, since it is directly related to rest, comfort and daily

A good mattress is an extremely necessary investment to live well, since it is directly related to rest, comfort and daily You must take into account both its physical aspects and a good posture, as well as psychological aspects when generating a state of comfort and fullness.

Therefore, knowing how to choose a good mattress is very important and for this you must take into account some essential aspects such as the material, the dimensions and its hardness. Here we will make sure that you have the right knowledge for an excellent choice.

What material is indicated according to the context?

There are various materials that make up a mattress and also its support structure. Depending on these, it goesrioIts aspects can change such as the price, its durability, comfort in certain weights and others that we will break down below.

Memory foam mattresses

These mattresses offer high durability and good support, even if you tend to spend many hours in bed. They are ideal for people who suffer from joint or muscle problems. It is not recommended for hot places due to its low breathability.

Spring mattresses

They are ideal for people who tend to move a lot and for hot areas due to their high rate of breathability. They have high durability and their price tends to be a little higher than memory foam. It is recommended that they be pocket springs because otherwise they tend to be a bit noisy.

Latex mattresses

These are usually the most expensive, but offer advantages for people with asthma and those who move around a lot while sleeping. Its thicknesses are medium or low and its durability is very long. The cons is that they offer low breathability and are expensive compared to others.

Foam mattresses

Mattresses made of this material are the cheapest, but they are not recommended for beds for regular use, so if you are thinking of buying it for a guest room or a vacation home, they are perfect.

What is the ideal according to weight and height?

If you do not consider yourself a thin person, or weigh more than approximately 80 kg, and tend to move around a lot, you will need a firm mattress that supports your body well and does not create a valley effect in the mattress.

On the other hand, thin people tend to require more flexible and soft mattresses that better distribute their weight.

Now if we talk about the perfect measurements to choose a mattress, this should be 15 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it, if it is a double mattress.

Test your mattress and give it time

To choose a good mattress, it is also important to try it if possible before ordering it, and also give it some time so that it adapts to the physical conditions of the space, because that way you will truly know what it offers for you. With Dupen, you have it guaranteed!

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