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Graphene + Hemp + Bamboo + Pocket Tech Box® + Hemp + Bamboo + Graphene

Natural Green: 360º sustainability in a mattress.

The mattress Natural Green It is made with materials of natural and biodegradable origin such as hemp and bamboo. A totally sustainable mattress that, in addition, thanks to the antibacterial properties of bamboo, naturally eliminates any bacteria or dust mites to provide comfort during rest. 

Bamboo has the ability to naturally absorb the moisture present in our homes, which will help us avoid the feeling of humidity and promote perspiration during rest. Ecology, rest and durability in a mattress. 

Mattresses made with hemp help combat tiredness and fatigue thanks to their natural fibers. Hemp fiber is the most resistant and durable, even being 4 times more durable than cotton fibers. This prevents its tissues from stretching or losing strength with use, thus strengthening its resistance and the life of the mattress.

Innovative high-quality materials

High-density graphene, hemp + bamboo, breathable luxury fabrics and anti-mite treatment, original bedspreads filled with hypoallergenic fibers, pocket springs with perimeter box with 5 firmness zones, 6 embroidered horizontal handles to facilitate turning the mattress and exclusive padding.

I knew coverrior:

Airdream® high density
Stretch fabric
high density viscographene
Hemp + Bamboo


Pocket tech box 5 firmness zones
High Density Airdream®

bottom lidrior:

Airdream® high density
high density viscographene
Stretch-Exclusive fabric
Hemp + Bamboo