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Find out how Dupen integrates sustainable development into its business strategy

Sustainability, ecology or 360º recycling These are some of the concepts that, more and more, organizations and companies integrate into their environmental, social or economic policy. 

But how are these three concepts applied within a business body? At Dupen, we tell you how we do it.


Our company has always been fully aware of the economic, social and institutional environment in which we find ourselves, being fully committed to achieving an improvement in sustainable development of our work day after day.

First step towards sustainability:

The first step we took to introduce this added value in our company took place in 2008. 

Dupen positioned itself that year as the main pioneer in the use of renewable energies, inaugurating the largest solar park in the Community Valenciana: a 35.000 m² photovoltaic plant installed on the roofs of our warehouses industrials.

An essential engine to contribute to the sustainability thanks to its power located at 850 kilowatts and production capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts per hour.

Second step towards sustainability:

The second step to reach the goal of becoming a 100% sustainable company ranges from the use de natural materials, ecological and recycled, both in the manufacture of our mattresses and upholstery accessories, and in the use of renewable energy sources such as the sun, thus minimizing the consumption of electrical energy. 

Third step towards sustainability:

The last step we have taken towards sustainability is sustained thanks to the collaboration with our partners. At Dupen, we always collaborate with the best suppliers in the sector and we always manufacture with raw materials from certified suppliers, using the latest technologies in 360º recycling, becoming one of the main manufacturers of rest equipment, in which, 100% of the waste we generate goes to recycling plants with the aim of giving them a second life, thus promoting a circular economy. 

For years, our mission has been and will always be to reduce the total tons of waste that we generate in our production processes.

A revealing fact is the total of 188.100 kg of waste that we have generated in 2022, lowering in a large amount what was generated in years beforeriobeef.

From this year's data, a total of 158.004 kg they have been able to give a second life, being able to recycle up to almost 84% of our waste, compared to the remaining 16% that could not be reused.

At Dupen we care about the well-being of our clients, since, we do not use any toxic component in our manufacturing processes, thus facilitating a restful sleep.
Shall we contribute together towards a more sustainable world? 

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