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Carbon + Viscoelastic + Pocket Tech Box®

The balancerio perfect between health and innovation. 

The mattress Ionic Balance gives a 360º turn in terms of innovation and technology for rest. Manufactured with anti-stress Tourmaline fabrics, it is the most complete mattress in 

offer a restful sleep. Tourmaline is the only mineral capable of generating such beneficial negative ions for health, absorbing polluting waves or positive ions produced by antennas, electrical appliances, mobile phones, etc., a probable cause of generating high levels of stress. 

Among the many health benefits offered by Tourmaline, through the release of negative ions, are: relief of fatigue, improvement of blood circulation, stress reduction, etc. 

High quality materials: Tourmaline

The only mineral in nature capable of permanently generating electricity thanks to its negative ions.

This component is made up of carbon atoms and viscoelastic. Its properties have been described as amazing due to thermal and electrical conduction, thus eliminating pressure during sleep and making rest something unmatched.

I knew coverrior:

  • Grand Luxury Fabric with Tourmaline
  • High density viscocarbon
  • High Density Airdream®


  • High density viscocarbon
  • High Density Airdream®
  • Pocket tech Box 5 firmness zones
  • High Density Airdream®

bottom lidrior:

  • CoolAir® 3D fabric