September 25

How to prevent snoring… or stop snoring in 5 steps

It is estimated that in Spain alone up to 30 percent of adults snore.

Knowing how to prevent snoring is important to many people. Not surprisingly, it is an incredibly common sleep disorder.

It is estimated that in Spain alone up to 30 percent of adults snore. Snoring is not only annoying, but can also affect the quality of sleep of both the sufferer and those around them.

Why does snoring occur and how can it be prevented?

Snoring is caused by vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airway, the part of the airway that runs from the larynx to the back of the throat.

This section of the throat is only supported by muscles, not by bone or cartilage. When people fall asleep, the muscle naturally loosens and, as a result, when they inhale and exhale, that tissue vibrates and produces snoring.

Fortunately, at Dupen we know that there are several ways to prevent snoring.

Weight loss

The fastest and most efficient solution.

As you lose weight, excess body fat decreases, so there is less tissue to vibrate.

Clearing sinuses before going to sleep

When the sinuses are congested, you have to work harder to get air in and out of the nose.

In some cases, medication or surgery is needed to clear the sinuses. As an initial measure, a good wash before bedtime may help.

Sleep on your side and on a quality mattress.

Sleeping on your back can make snoring worse.

In addition, doing so on an old or poor quality mattress can affect the airways, making snoring worse.

Use nasal strips

These strips open the nasal passages, improving airflow in and out of the nose. They are not a definitive solution, but they are a small help worth trying.

If the problem persists, consult a specialist on how to prevent snoring.

At Dupen, we believe these ways to prevent snoring can help you. However, if you notice that you are not resting, you wake up fatigued, you interrupt your rest with apneas or, simply, your partner cannot rest, it is worth consulting a professional.

You will find that he will be the first to recommend a quality mattress and organic materials as an effective measure. From there, it will rule out any problems, so that you can recover your health and finally enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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