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Dupen Group



We are recognized for our involvement and orientation to the needs of our clients. We stand out for generating trust, for being specialists in rest, for meeting the needs of our clients, with the highest quality and with the most innovative and sustainable materials to contribute to the well-being of the environment.



60.000 m2 of surface made in Spain

Our facilities of more than 60.000 m2 make us a benchmark as a company specialized in rest equipment worldwide under exhaustive quality controls.

We have automated facilities that are a guarantee of quality, reliability and durability. 

Customer Service

Our value proposition revolves around improving the lives of our customers, ensuring their health and sustainability for the environment, adapting to their different lifestyles.

We are expert craftsmen, reliable, committed, with a large dose of innovation and a desire for service.


Committed to our environment

From Dupen we emanate full awareness of the economic, social and institutional environment to which we belong, being fully committed to achieving an improvement in the development of our day-to-day work.

"The evolution of Dupen is the Innovation of the Future"

Quique Duart, CEO of Dupen

Dupen office new logo


Dupen was founded by a visionaryrio, Enrique Duart Peris, with a dream come true since 1966 that, today, is run by his son Quique Duart.